Thanks to the material’s durability, modern charm, and reliable durability, the popularity of steel roofs has grown in Australia. We at Bower Roofing and Restorations specialise in this service. As an established firm in Western Australia, we deliver technologically innovative solutions no other steel roofing Perth contractor can compete with.

A versatile steel roof might just be the perfect fit for your home. The material is known for different excellent qualities.

Fire safety

Steel roofs lead the way in safety. Metal is a fire-retardant material, which means it doesn’t easily catch fire, unlike wood shingles. Maximising non-combustible materials at home go a long way in improving your household’s safety from untoward incidents.


Other roof types can be prone to chipping, rusting, fading, and chalking. Steel roofs, however, feature great durability. We test our sheets carefully to make sure they withstand severe weather conditions, thus giving you the peace of mind that you have a sturdy cover above your head.

Greater durability means longer lasting protection. Apart from the inherent charm of steel, you also have a roof to rely on for decades.

Technological innovation

Our steel roofing solution uses the latest technology in metallurgy to make sure the material is at its optimal condition, not to mention steel reflects sunlight for better energy efficiency at home. Paired with our masterful installation, you can truly say our steel roof is a work of wonder.

Steel roofing in Perth is indeed a great way to cap off the overall charm of a property. It’s modern, durable, and eye-catching, which provides homeowners great value for money. Get in touch with us for a free quote.