Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

The roof on your home is one of the most important components of the entire dwelling and serves many more purposes than just keeping the interior of your home dry and free of water.

While the roof on your home may seem strong and sturdy, it needs to be properly maintained by a professional roofer to keep it in top condition and minimise the need for roof repairs or a roof replacement.

Here we look at the signs which indicate that your roof can no longer be adequately repaired and needs replacing.

Your Roof is More Than 20 Years Old

If your roof celebrated its twentieth birthday years ago, congratulations on maintaining your roof so well! Seriously though, any roof over twenty years old is likely to need replacing, for not only won’t it meet the rigorous standards that modern roofs are expected to perform to, but there’s a good chance there are problems lying underneath the surface just waiting to make themselves known.

Your Roof Looks Old & Worn

Roofs that look old and worn usually are old and worn, which means they’re not going to stand up to tough weather conditions, especially cyclonic or gale force winds that frequently hit coastal areas of Australia.

With extreme weather expected to increase over the coming years (as you may have realised, we’re seeing a lot wilder weather than in the past), it’s important for all Perth homeowners to properly prepare their homes now in readiness for the future. All it takes is one wild storm to let you know just how poor shape your roof is in, which is something that you don’t want to wait to find out — roof replacement projects are more cost-effective than most people think and the benefits are outstanding.

Tiles are Damaged

There a few different ways in which tiles can be damaged, for example, they could be missing or cracked:

  • Missing tiles — The tiles have been blown away or have come loose and fallen off. If you’re missing a few tiles on your roof you can have them replaced, but if there are many tiles missing it’s a much better idea to have your roof replaced by experienced roofing contractors.
  • Cracked tiles — Usually a combination of time and weather but often the result of wind damage, cracked tiles will eventually fall apart. It’s better to address this issue early on rather than leaving it until later by having your roof replaced. Colorbond roofing is the best choice for most homes.

The experienced roofing contractors at Bower Roofing specialise in roof replacements. If you notice any of these tell-tale signs your roof needs to be replaced, contact us and we’ll discuss the options you have with you, including steel Colorbond roofing which delivers a myriad of excellent benefits.