Bower Roofing and Restorations is well-respected across Western Australia for a reason: we get the job done correctly and efficiently. We take pride in what we do, and this has been our greatest asset as a Perth roofing company.

In every Perth roofing project we undertake, we observe three core values that result in the high quality output we deliver:


Our craftsmen work diligently to deliver first-rate roofing in Perth, WA. The end result is always the goal in mind. All our tradesmen have undergone proper training to give our clients peace of mind.

What sets us apart at Bower Roofing is our attention to detail. We look at every minuscule detail of a project to make sure everything is done properly. There is no room for mediocre quality in our firm. Our personnel follow stringent quality control measures to secure the timely and excellent completion of every job.


As a roofing contractor, we are aware of our responsibilities to our industry and to our clientele. This is the reason we have full insurance coverage with workers compensation and public liability. Our accountability also drives us to deliver excellent service to our customers.

Customer service

Client satisfaction is more than a bonus after a job, as we consider it a necessity. We consider a project a victory only when our customer agrees that we have done a good job. Our clients are always at the top of our priorities.

At Bower Roofing and Restorations, this is how we do our job. Day in, day out, every service should embody our expertise in our industry.