Bower Roofing and Restoration handles different roofing services in Perth. With our solutions, you can be sure to have the right repair or procedure for your roof regardless of the need at hand. Our 30+ years of experience in the field greatly benefit our clients, as we have enriched our skills to be more effective at what we do best: roofing.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

Roof restoration

Roofs go through regular wear and tear over time. Roof restoration is one of our many roofing services in Perth. We secure flashings, replace tiles, and address issues to prepare your roof against the elements.


Some roofs may be too damaged or too old for restoration, which is why we offer re-roofing services. Our craftsmen use top quality material and replace the cover above your head so that it holds up against inclement weather very well, prevents roofing problems, and enhances the appeal of your home.

New home roofing

We also handle new home roofing services. Through durable materials, we secure the endurance of our roofs. Paired with our mastery of the craft, we create roofs that last for a long time.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that’s still present in many roofs today. For the safety of our clients, we deliver efficient asbestos removal services. We have the necessary licence to perform such a roofing service in Perth properties.

Gutter and downpipe replacement

A problematic gutter system can lead to costly repairs, which is why homeowners should address this issue immediately. At Bower Roofing, we offer gutter and downpipe repair and replacement services.

Our services cover a lot of roof-related bases. For a more in-depth explanation of our procedures, browse our website or contact us.