Re-Roofing Your House

Re-Roofing Your House

Roofs, like everything else, eventually give in to decay and erosion, and there comes a time when replacing a few tiles won’t do it. Re-roofing a house can be done in two ways, and it is often the only solution if restoration is out of the question.

The most common type of re-roofing is when the existing frame still remains, and a new surface is laid on top. This is the most cost-effective way to have a new roof, as the existing supports are used.

Effective Insulation

In Western Australia, summers can be scorching, and if you’re going to re-roof, it is advisable to put a layer of insulation between the old and new roof. This will do two things, firstly, it will keep out the heat during the summer, giving you comfortable living space, with less reliance on the a/c. The other benefit is heat retention in the winter, effective insulation will retain more heat, keeping your utility bills down. Anticon (a type of glass wool) is recommended as the most effective insulating material, and a depth of around 50mm will suffice.


With the wide range of roofing tiles available, re-roofing offers an opportunity to change the character of the house, which would add to value, and give you a certain feeling of relief that you decided to go ahead and have the re-roof. With stainless steel guttering and downpipes, one can create a modern look, while ensuring the rainwater has a pathway to the drains, and if you allow your roofing contractor to be a bit creative, he or she might even be able to change the shape of the roof. This can be done by adding timber supports in the right locations before installing the new roof, and although the original structure wasn’t designed for that style, the extra support will enable the change.

Skilled Work

Roofing is not something that a handyman would undertake, it is a specific field within the building industry, and therefore requires qualified tradespeople. With any home improvement service, it pays to use local people, as they live by their reputation, and will be well-known in the community. Aside from that, it is easy for them to pop round for any post-installation issues. At Bower Roofing & Restorations we have the skills and experience to get the job done.

A Solid Investment

A home is probably the biggest single investment person will make in their life, and the roof protects that investment from the elements. When the roof can no longer do that, it’s time to think about re-roofing. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on your re-roofing project.