Properly Maintaining Gutters and Drainpipes at Home

Properly Maintaining Gutters & Drainpipes at Home

It may seem like just a few leaves stuck in your gutters or drainpipes, but there’s a lot at risk here and you can’t take any chances with blockages of any kind. Blocked gutters and drainpipes can put a lot of pressure on the structure of your home, making it more likely that you’ll require expert roofing services to resolve the problem.

Depending on how much damage has been caused, this could be quite an expense, so make sure your gutters and drainpipes are kept clean and free of debris, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you experience any blockage problems that you can’t manage on your own.

Clean & Inspect Your Gutters on a Regular Basis

We’re not talking about inspecting them every week, or even every month, but you need to check your gutters and clear debris from them on a regular basis. Every three months is fine for most homeowners, but you may need to check your roofing components, guttering and drainpipes more frequently if:

  • There are tall trees nearby that drop leaves and debris on your home
  • You have deciduous trees nearby that drop lots of leaves in autumn
  • Your local area is affected by seasonal storms and heavy rains

A quick inspection and cleaning of the roof and the components every few months prevents a build-up of leaves and debris that can put pressure on the roofing components, causing them to decrease in stability and put unnecessary pressure on other parts of your home. This could see you in need of new gutters and drainpipes which would increase your home maintenance costs significantly.

Watch Out for Rust

If you have had new gutters and drainpipes installed this shouldn’t be a problem that affects you, at least not for many years. However, if your roofing components are getting on, there’s a good chance that they’re rusting, so watch out for signs of rust when cleaning and inspecting your home roofing.

Our roofing repair services are affordable, but you can save a lot of money by watching out for rust and applying a good anti-rust spray or product. These products are very affordable, easy to apply even if you lack experience, and could save you a lot of money in the long-term.

Be Proactive

When cleaning and inspecting your roofing components, take a proactive rather than reactive approach to roofing repairs. This generally entails having roofing repairs carried out as soon as you notice a small problem before it escalates into a bigger problem, one that’s more expensive to repair. For example, if you notice that your gutters are sagging, you need to have them cleaned and repaired before they affect your drainpipes as well. That’s smart homeownership.

Don’t take any chances with your house roofing and components, especially the guttering and drainpipes, as these components play an essential role in keeping water out of the interior of your home and away from the structure. Contact us if you have any enquiries about roofing maintenance.