Why Do You Need To Have Asbestos Removed From Your Roof?

Why Do You Need To Have Asbestos Removed From Your Roof?

You want your house to be completely safe. However, there are lots of different chemicals which can be damaging to your health, and they need to be removed completely so that you and your family are completely safe.

One of the most common materials in older houses is asbestos. This used to be used to insulate the roof and walls of your house so that hot air would be kept in and the cold air would be kept out.

However, modern research has discovered that asbestos can cause a series of health problems. This includes breathing problems and asbestosis, which is an inflammatory disease. This can increase your chances of developing lung cancer.

Bower Roofing is fully qualified to remove all the asbestos from your roof in order to make your house safe. Then you will not be worried about the harmful effects of asbestosis.

Why should you have asbestos removed from your house?

You Will Be Putting Your Health At Risk If You Leave It

When asbestos was first produced, people were unaware of the harmful side effects that the material has. The asbestos needs to be replaced with a modern form of insulation and then your house will be kept warm but more importantly, you will not be exposing yourself or your family.

You need to have your house surveyed by our roofing company because we will be able to tell you whether there is asbestos present in the house. You will need to leave the house if asbestos is present so then we will be able to carry out a comprehensive and safe removal.

You Might Find it Difficult to Sell Your House

When you are trying to sell your house, you need to disclose all of the structural problems that the property has. This means that you will have to tell any potential buyers about the asbestos lining that you have on your roof and in your walls. They might be put off and decide not to go through with the sale of the house.

What Does the Removal Process Involve?

You should not attempt to remove any of the asbestos yourself. If the asbestos is disturbed, you might end up breathing in some of the harmful particles which can lead to respiratory problems in the future.

Our team will handle the removal process because we have the correct training and the right equipment to get the job done properly. The length of the job will depend on the amount of asbestos which needs to be removed, and this will be done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Once the asbestos removal has been completed, you will be free to move back into the house and you will feel completely safe because all the asbestos has been completely removed from the property.

Do you need asbestos removing from the roof of your house? Contact Bower Roofing today for a quote.