Modern Re-Roofing Solutions

Modern Re-Roofing Solutions

The roof is the one area of the house that gets hit hardest by the elements, and as well as it might have been built, it will eventually need repairing. Roof restoration isn’t a new idea, but re-roofing is, and this is a cost effective way to give your home better protection and insulation.

Some people think re-roofing is simply replacing the old roof with a new one, and while this can be done, it is very costly, and largely unnecessary, as the existing structure is sound. Re-roofing involves using as much of the existing roof as possible.

An Additional Layer

Re-roofing is adding a layer of shingles on top of the existing tiles, which not only makes for a stronger structure, it also adds some colour and character to the property. Or, it might involve removing the existing shingles and replacing them with something a little more eco-friendly. This is not as expensive as one might think, as the existing timber supports are used in the new roof design, which keeps costs down.


This is a specially formulated steel that is thermally efficient and non-corrosive. On top of that, Colorbond® is light, strong, and very durable, and the range of colours allows you to blend. Your new roof will always look like new, and with the right insulation, your heating and air conditioning use will drop. This product won’t peel, chip, or crack and is colour fast, giving you many years of comfort and security at a very reasonable cost.

A Free Consultation

Of course, re-roofing is not always the best option, and at Bower Roofing, we believe in assessing the situation with the customer. If you are living in Western Australia, and need some help with your roof, we would be more than happy to arrange a free consultation, when our experts can advise you on the best solution.

Restore or Re-Roof?

There are occasions where the existing roof is repairable, and in that case, it is the best solution. If the roof has suffered extensive damage, it would probably be better to replace the existing shingles with something more efficient, such as modern steel sheets that are strong and very durable. There is a range of finishes and colours, which means you can create a brand new look for the home.

The Right Company

Alan Bower started Bower Roofing more than thirty years ago, and to this day, we are committed to excellence in anything roof related. We offer a 10 year warranty on all our products and services, and we like to think we know what we are doing when it comes to roofing. We are happy to work with the customer, should they have design ideas, and with a transparent costing system, you are always fully informed.

An Investment

A new roof is very much an investment, as it is protecting the home, which is usually the most valuable asset a person will ever own, and if you are going to replace it, you should use the right materials to give you extended use over many years.