Guttering — The Origin of Roof Issues

Guttering — The Origin of Roof Issues

A well-constructed roof should last for many years, and there isn’t much that can damage the structure. If the roof tiles are firmly fixed, water cannot enter the building, and during heavy rain, the guttering and downpipes perform a critical task in providing an exit for a surge of rainwater. A roof is designed in such a way that all of the rainwater that runs down the roof is collected by the guttering, and then it is directed to the downpipes which enter the drain system. This system should be effective, even in the heaviest of rain, but should there be a blockage, it could be the start of serious problems.

Gutter Replacement

If, upon close inspection, you feel your guttering has seen better days, we at Bower Roofing would be happy to provide you with a free quote to install new guttering and downpipes. Older properties were constructed using narrow iron guttering, and this is easily blocked by leaves and small branches. Modern guttering is wide and shallow in design, which facilitates faster flow, and with stainless steel, there is no corrosion.

Modern Styles

We have an extensive range of styles for guttering, so there will be something just right for your home, and perhaps you can transform the look with something a little out of the ordinary. While guttering needs to be functional, it is also an aesthetic addition to the building, and if the right style is used, it will complement the home.

The Perils of Water

If anything can cause damage to your home, it is water. Just think what a burst upstairs pipe can do in a very short space of time? The guttering is essential to catch the rainwater, and if for any reason, it becomes blocked, water will enter your roof and also run down the exterior walls. Whether your exterior is painted or just a cement substrate, the surface will eventually become faded and discoloured, if exposed to water on a frequent basis. If this happens, you will have to call in the painters and that will not be cheap. Many roofing issues can be traced back to blocked guttering, and by ensuring the guttering is regularly inspected, you can remove any blockages before any damage occurs.

Overhanging Trees

If you have trees that are directly above your roof, they will shed their leaves and this will cause guttering blockages. If possible, have a tree surgeon remove these branches, not just because of the falling leaves, but any breakage could seriously damage the roof. Correct pruning can eliminate the cause of blockages, and an arborist would be well equipped to carry out the necessary work.

Regular Cleaning

If you are uncomfortable with working above the ground, there are companies that will regularly clean out your guttering and downpipes to ensure your house remains dry. Roofing maintenance is essential and guttering comes into that field, so you can combine the guttering and roof inspection.

By maintaining your guttering, you can avoid costly repairs to the roof, and should you ever decide to replace the existing guttering and downpipes, we at Bower Roofing can supply and install the very best solution.