Bower Roofing and Restorations relies on the quality of Colorbond® for our roofing solutions. Our 30 years of experience has taught us the very important lesson of using the right material for the job, and Colorbond® exceeds the high standards we have.

We have seen three important qualities in Colorbond® roofing in Perth. Here are these three qualities that made us stick to this brand over the years:


For over 45 years, Colorbond® roofing in Perth has been a standard for many. There’s a reason for this — the material is highly reliable in terms of performance.

What sets Colorbond® apart is its inherent resistance against the harshness of the elements. It is naturally resistant to cracking, peeling, and chipping, so it has a long service life minus the tedious maintenance work. Colorbond® is also a dependable name when it comes to fire retardancy, termite resistance, and weather endurance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Form and function should always go together in a home, even with the roof. This philosophy has cemented our trust in Colorbond®, as the brand encapsulates the right aesthetics that fit the Australian taste and lifestyle.

There are 22 colours that homeowners can choose from, and each is certain to complement the appeal of every house. Be it contemporary, convex, concave, skillion, curved, or traditional, Colorbond® has the right fit.


Steel is fully recyclable. Its lightweight nature makes it more efficient in transporting and installation. This is a great way to contribute back to the environment, which is why we trust Colorbond®.

The material is highly important in roofing. At Bower Roofing and Restorations, you can be sure that every project only makes use of the finest resources out there. Combined with the expertise of our tradesmen, we guarantee excellent results with every project. Contact us today for a free no obligation on your new Colorbond® roof today!